• What Should The A/C Be Set At In The Summer?

    Comfort is a complicated subject, and it can vary from one person to another. That’s why when you ask what the perfect temperature should be set at for the summer months; you can not have an exact and defined answer. Our experts at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating give you these two helpful pieces of advice to know the right setting for your air conditioning system this summer. If you are more on the comfort aspect, focus not on your thermostat but the temperature that makes you feel comfortable inside your home. If you are in for the savings, try raising the temperature from 74° F. In every degree that you raise t... Read More

  • Why Sign Up for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

    An effective strategy to get the most out of your commercial heating and cooling system is regular maintenance. If you think that you will save more by scheduling a service only when problems become noticeable, you are mistaken. You are likely to end up paying more on your commercial HVAC repairs. Here are important reasons why you need to sign up for a commercial HVAC maintenance service: Prolongs the Life of Your Commercial HVAC Units Dust and dirt build-up is one of the primary reasons why commercial heating and cooling systems break. It causes the equipment to wear down quickly, thus affecting the efficiency and the overall operat... Read More

  • How Dust And Dirt Can Affect Your Air Conditioning System

    Your air conditioning system is one of the strongest and full-bodied appliances in your home. But amidst its robustness, there are still factors that can cause it to break down. Dust and dirt are the most common of all. Since A/C units are playing an important role this summer, it should operate at its optimal performance. You might be wondering how simple dust can cause your system to malfunction. Well, here is a list of potential effects when dust and dirt are all over your system: Clogged Air Filter We all know how important air filters are in keeping the efficiency of your unit as well as giving you a healthy indoor air to breath... Read More

  • What Goes Wrong When You Have Clogged Air Filters?

    Did you know that when air filters are clogged with dirt, dust and other particles, the chance of system breakdown is high? If you have not known it yet, here is a list of dangerous possibilities when your system’s air filters are blocked: High Energy Bill Your system’s blower fan is essential for consistent recirculation of your heating and cooling system. With clogged air filters, however, the fan finds it too hard to draw air throughout your home. As it struggles to move air, the higher energy bill is consumed by your system which leads to higher costs. Cleaning air filters can help homeowners decrease their overall energy use by... Read More

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